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Michigan Designated Funeral Representative

A new law, 2016 Publ. Act 57, effective June 27, 2016, authorizes a person identified as the declarant, to designate a funeral representative to make decisions about postmortem funeral arrangements and the handling, cremation, disposition, or disinterment of the declarant’s body. MCLA 700.3206(2)(a).  The Act includes authority for cremation and determination of the right to possess the cremains, which is Read More

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Michigan: Fast-Track Your Cremation

Michigan does not permit the present owner of a human body to direct its disposition after death – that would violate the due process rights of post-mortem owners of the body, as previously mentioned in this blog.  This is a problem for someone who wants to be cremated.  Unless a living spouse signs the authorization to have the body cremated, Read More