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Michigan Designated Funeral Representative

A new law, 2016 Publ. Act 57, effective June 27, 2016, authorizes a person identified as the declarant, to designate a funeral representative to make decisions about postmortem funeral arrangements and the handling, cremation, disposition, or disinterment of the declarant’s body. MCLA 700.3206(2)(a).  The Act includes authority for cremation and determination of the right to possess the cremains, which is Read More

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It Can Be Your Funeral in Pennsylvania

On December 11, 2010, I posted a column entitled, “It’s Your Funeral – Or Is It?” In that post I painted a worst-case situation where a scorned wife might put her husband’s cremains (cremated remains) in voodoo candles or a Porta-Johnny at a Korn concert. I said that a decedent’s control over his body ends at death and court cases Read More

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It’s Your Funeral — Or Is It?

Many of my clients are in denial. They do not want to consider the fact that they will die some day. Others take great comfort in having arranged for their funerals and the disposition of their remains. However, one fellow always carried a picture of the cemetery plot, complete with marker, where he and his wife would someday repose and Read More