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I got mad at my significant other and called the cops. Now I want to drop the case, but the prosecutor won’t let me. What can I do?

Domestic violence is a very big problem.  No one has a privilege to hit any other person, for any reason, outside of a boxing ring or hockey arena.  But people get excited and angry.  Sometimes this anger causes them to hit their mates and sometimes this anger causes them to call the cops and claim that they were hit.  Sometimes Read More

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Sun Life Time Bombs in Your Desk Drawer

Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada demutualized on March 22, 2000. This means that it went from being a mutual company in which each policy owner also owned a piece of the company to being a corporation owned by shareholders. For lack of a better way to inconvenience its policy owners, Sun Life made them shareholders and sent them stock Read More

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Staying Put in a Nursing Home

Being in a nursing home is hard enough without being threatened with eviction. That is a problem that faces many of our most vulnerable citizens. Nursing homes often prefer private-pay residents to Medicaid residents and will threaten to discharge a patient who goes on Medicaid. This is illegal! Medicare rules are very clear that discrimination based on source of payment Read More