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Emailed Holiday Greetings

Who doesn’t enjoy Aunt Grenadine’s holiday emails? She attaches a four-page narrative laboriously typed out in Wordstar on her trusty IBM XT. This is where you learn that your cousin Maud’s 35-pound Siamese finally succumbed to type 1 diabetes and your second cousin-twice-removed Regan, against all expectation, graduated from middle school. She also fills you in on all the family Read More

Autism Acceptance Day Wish List

Every day should be Autism Acceptance Day!

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Michigan in the Vaccination Toilet

This is a follow-up to a prior post on the anti-vaccination movement.  Recent surveys show that Michigan is now 46th in the nation in vaccinating our children and teenagers.  This is appalling.  Vaccination protects and benefits the child who is vaccinated.  It also protects and benefits the children around them — so-called herd immunity. As a socially-conscious individual, it is Read More

Autism is a Controversial Issue – People Fighting Online

This is both uplifting and horrendous at the same time.