Al Franken is not Roy Moore

Before we pillory Al Franken, let’s put this in perspective. Barring further complaints, he is not in the same class as Roy Moore, Harvey Weinstein or Bill O’Reilly. Yes, he made a clumsy pass and posed for a really lame and unfunny picture. However, he was not in a position of authority over Leeann Tweedon, he stopped when she pushed him away, and she was 33, not 14, or even 18.

It certainly counts against him that he was married at the time, but if all the politicians who had been unfaithful to their spouses were removed from office, neither the House of Representatives nor the Senate could assemble a quorum.


I am not saying that what he did was admirable, but it was not horrendous. It is also not uncommon for a horny guy to find out that his advances are not welcome.  It is an unfortunate fact of life (or fortunate from the standpoint of propagating the species) that some amorous advances are welcomed, but the would-be Casanova often cannot tell in advance which will be the case.


Franken probably had other encounters where his affections were reciprocated. Most men look in the mirror and see the best-looking specimen of their kind on the planet. They cannot imagine that women (or men) they find attractive might not fee the same way about them.


People who have a positive self-image (justified or not) walk around convinced that they are “above average.” That is impossible, but we are made to delude ourselves that way. Similarly, people assume that others will find them sexy to the degree that they feel sexy. They all think they are above average in looks. Politicians and celebrities have consummate egos. Is it any wonder that they expect to welcomed by the objects of their affection?


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