Sabotaging the Affordable Care Act Does Not Equal Repeal and Replace

President Trump campaigned on the claim that the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, is unworkable and will collapse of its own defects. It is not and it will not, so the President has decided to sabotage it by blocking funding allocated by Congress to subsidize health care for low- and median-income Americans.


The President’s action will deprive millions – yes, millions – of us of health coverage. The President is more concerned about not being shown to be wrong than he is about our health.


“Repeal and Replace” presumes that the replacement will be an improvement compared to the Affordable Care Act. Since solid majorities in both parties support the ACA, Congress has not acted to repeal and replace it. Thwarted in fulfilling his campaign promise, the President has decided to destroy it without regard to consequences. In this, he is no better than the frustrated suitor who harms the object of his jealous affection. “If you won’t give me the health-care package I want, nobody gets health care.”


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