Consumer Abuse: Pay for Credit Freeze

I just tried to freeze my credit on Experian and Transunion.  Those parasites demanded $10.00 for the “service.”  This is consumer abuse that Congress should address in a Credit Consumer Bill of Rights.  Equifax did not charge for a credit freeze, but they are in deep trouble due to their data breaches.


Where do these bloodsucking leeches get the gall to charge for a credit freeze?  We are forced to submit to being raped by them.  We get no choice as to whether we want their services or not.  However, we have to pay to have them freeze our — repeat “OUR” — information.


Good luck if you have wrong information on your credit report.  You have little to no chance of getting it corrected.


Our legislators must stop serving the Big Information Business Citizen Rape Machine and start serving us.  A Credit Consumer Bill of Rights should be on Congress’s agenda.


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