What Happens to VA Aid & Attendance Funds after Death of the Veteran

When a veteran who has been receiving an improved pension, otherwise referred to as “Aid and Attendance,” dies, the question of what to do with the balance in the fiduciary bank account comes up.  Fortunately, in most cases, the family can keep that money.  My wise and wonderful colleague, Jack Rosenkrantz, in Florida, explains how that works in “No Probate for VA Fiduciary Accounts.”  If you have that situation, he has the answer.

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2 Comment on "What Happens to VA Aid & Attendance Funds after Death of the Veteran"

  • Yes I am a daughter of a deceased veteran and I would like to know if my daddy has or had any funds to get and how do I go about it on how to get it

    • This post pertains to remaining funds from Aid & Attendance benefits while the veteran was alive. The veteran or whoever was handling his or her funds would know about the money. To investigate possible death benefits for veterans, look at the website, va.gov.


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