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Do Not Call Your Insurance Company!

Insurance is such a comforting thing. The word is delicious. It slips off the tongue like a mouthful of creme caramel. Being insured feels like wearing armor – or at least a generous application of Scotchguard. What if a pipe bursts on the second floor and floods the bathroom and the living room under it? No matter, you’re insured. What Read More

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Second Case of Measles in Michigan This Year

This week, the second case of measles in Michigan this year was big news.  For someone who remembers when nearly everyone contracted measles at some time in his or her life, this is almost as amazing as cellphones with apps that start your car in the morning and close the garage door or adjust the thermostat from half a world Read More

Autism Acceptance Day Wish List

Every day should be Autism Acceptance Day!

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NSA Snoops in Bank Safe-Deposit Boxes

Estate-planning clients often have safe-deposit boxes, as do decedents. On the occasions when I have been involved in an estate where there is a safe-deposit box, the box has always turned out to be empty or containing items of little or no value. One recent decedent had had two safe-deposit boxes with lost keys. It took weeks to arrange to Read More