Second Amendment Blues

I’m on the south side of Chicago
And I’ve got guns on every side.
When I stroll Madison Street;
I am ready to duck, dive and hide.

LaPierre and the NRA Honkies
Say more guns will keep us unharmed.
I can draw down and shoot back.
So I’m safe as long as I’m armed.

But Tina got caught in a crossfire
When she was about to turn four.
The bullet that killed little André
Came through the apartment front door.

The white folks of Kansas and Utah
Vote by the NRA line.
Their gospel is the Second Amendment
And they think self defense is divine.

They fear having their firearms takenguns
If we elect the wrong party this year.
As if the government could make
four hundred million guns disappear.

They are not in the middle of a gang war.
So they prattle their God-given right.
It’s like their right to stay dry while
We’re outside all the rainy night.

Topeka is not Chicago.
Though we all have a right to be free.
The freedom to carry a gun
In a war zone does not comfort me.

It’s not that we don’t know better.
We want to live well just like you.
Help us stop the river of handguns.
All we need is a statute or two.

Children should not carry pistols
And felons have no right to pack heat.
Suppliers of guns should go down
When their guns cause death on the street.

We track all the transfers of cars.
You must have a license to drive.
With a little more control of our guns
We could keep more children alive.

John B. Payne, Attorney
Garrison LawHouse, PC
Dearborn, Michigan 313.563.4900
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 800.220.7200

©2016 John B. Payne, Attorney

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