Windows 10 Catastrophe?

Is Microsoft trying to push you into Windows 10, whether you want to go there or not? They have a new trick, starting the upgrade when your back is turned. You sit down at your computer and you find that the upgrade to Windows 10 is in full swing, with a message that says, “Do not unplug or turn off your computer or it go off like a pressure-cooker bomb,” or words to that effect.

Alternatively, if you catch it before it starts the upgrade, Microsoft gives you a choice of “upgrade now” or “upgrade later.” Upgrade later means you can set a date for the upgrade up to four days in the future. If you choose “upgrade later,” Microsoft starts installing Windows 10 when the time comes with no further warning!

After you choose “upgrade later,” go to Ultimate Outsider.comnowindows10 and download GWX Control Panel. It is easy to install and lets you avoid Windows 10 forever.

If you blow your chance and Windows 10 is busily installing itself, do not give up hope. You can abrogate the upgrade when it completes by refusing to accept the end-user license agreement or terms of service. Declining to accept forces Windows 10 to skulk back into its dank hole for the time being. You then have an opportunity to install GWX Control Panel.

Windows 10 is not inevitable. Sure, you might want to upgrade in a year or two when all of your applications are Windows 10 compatible. In the meanwhile, why move into the Windows 10 world when you are not sure about all those important programs you depend on.

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  • Two weeks ago, 2am, I glanced at my PC to see it installing Windows 10. No warning, no request for permission. When it finished I found: I could send or receive email; I could not connect to the internet; I could not read my documents (my word processor was “incompatible”; my photo editor would not work. Gone / unreachable were my medication instructions / history. and much more. Three solid frustrating days later I tried the reverse to Windows 7. That continued the catastrophe. Most efforts to use the system were met with failure. I tried from a recent clone, not to be – I won’t blame Win 10 for that I don’t know. So back to an older clone which did work, but missed much of recent upgrades, programs and data. All because some Microsnob invaded my PC in the middle of the night.

  • I am not against Windows 10 as a matter of principle, but what I’ve read so far made me a little cautious.

    However, should Microsoft be willing to install in my home a computer on which they have unconditional access to all files and the right to tamper at leisure with the operating system, we may come to an agreement: they pay for the hardware, the installation, the power and the maintenance, and I provide – at a very convenient price – a table in a corner where it can be placed.

    The agreement will be subject to their acceptance of a few reasonable clauses:

    1 – there will be no obligation on my part to use that computer to handle material I’d rather keep to myself.
    2 – I shall retain the right to unplug it and wrap it in an EMI-shielded black cloth whenever my wife and I are going to engage in any kind of private activity or talk about personal matters.
    3 – in order to access the computer they shall ring the bell and wait for my permission to come in.
    4 – it shall be up to me to decide when the installation occurs.

  • A big fat THANK YOU! For your articles (that I read with utmost interest) as well as for the link to GWX Control Panel, that I started spreading around for the sake of the mankind’s peace of mind.

    Now I’m a little puzzled though: are you really a lawyer? You sound like a nice, bright, wise guy so full of common sense…


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