Lame Lists

The latest issue of dBusiness has a list of “Top Lawyers,” but the category of “Elder Law” was omitted. Come on, dBusiness, over 15% of the population is over 65 and you think Elder Law is not an important sector of the legal service industry?

The “Top Lawyers” directory also has a table of contents listing the categories in alphabetical order. How lame is that? Since the categories appear in alphabetical order, what good is the table of contents. It reminds me of a glossary on a state website with a table of contents.

An index of unlisted categories, indicating where to find lawyers providing those services would have been helpful. For example, they could have listed Elder Law and indicated “See Trusts and Estates,” or for Copyright lawyers, “See Intellectual Property.” Considering the effort involved in compiling a list of top professionals, it would make sense to put thought into making it as useful as possible.

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