Guns and Cuffs for Welfare Investigators — Yes or No?

Two bills now pending in the Michigan House of Representatives would permit welfare investigators to  arrest suspects without a warrant (SB 384) and carry guns (SB 385).  “OIG Investigators with Guns — Round Two” argues that arming and giving arrest powers to welfare investigators would be unnecessary and result in serious violations of the civil and due process rights of Michigan citizens.

The argument in favor of these two bills is that welfare fraud costs the Michigan government millions of dollars every year and that giving arrest powers and arming investigators would enhance prosecution of welfare cheats.  The Senate Fiscal Agency Bill Analysis for SB 384 and 385 can be found here.

If you are a registered Michigan voter, please read “OIG Investigators with Guns — Round Two” and the Bill Analysis and participate in the following public opinion poll.  These bills are moving fast in the House of Representatives, so your opinions are important.  The results of this poll will be available here and will be provided to Michigan House members.

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  • John – Great job. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to voice our opinions. I only hope the state legislature gets this feedback as well as our State Bar lobbyists.


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