First Annual? No Such Thing

Seeing an event like a conference of contrarians billed as the “First Annual” is as irritating as when a plural form has an apostrophe before the “s” or “your” is used when it should be “you’re.”  There is no such thing as a “first annual” conference or celebration or festival.  Calling it the “first annual” is not quite the height of presumption – that would be a Republican presidential candidate selling tickets for his 2017 inaugural ball in June 2015 – but it comes close.

What happens if no one shows up for the “First Annual Assembly of Dissemblers.”  Will there be a “Second Annual Assembly of Dissemblers?”

The initial Assembly of Dissemblers would be called just that – no “first,” no “annual.”  If the event is held a second year, it could be the Second Assembly of Dissemblers, but not “second annual.”  The intention may be to hold the event every year, but the Assembly of Dissemblers would not achieve the dignity of an annual event until the third year.

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