Medicare is Fiscally Healthy

Once again, Medicare is under attack.  The gaggle of anti-government ideologues who want to privatize Social Security, raise the retirement age and pack heat in church have backed off on repeal of Medicare, but are still determined to curtail it.  They want to “reform” Medicare by shifting more costs onto program members.  Retirees and the disabled need increased health-care costs the way Pres. Obama needs more critics.

The recurrent refrain of the Medicare doomflacks is that Medicare will go bankrupt in a few years due to the increase in members as Baby Boomers retire.  In reality, Medicare cannot go bankrupt because the Medicare Trust Fund is continually replenished by the Medicare employment tax.  Furthermore, the Medicare Trust Fund, which is a part of the Old-Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance Trust Fund, ebbs and flows in response to the U.S. economy.

Those who are covered by Medicare know what a wonderful program it is.  But for Medicare, most retirees in the United States would be forced to choose between medical care and food.  Having paid taxes for their entire working lives, retirees deserve the opportunity to see a doctor when necessary and to have hospitalization coverage.

Now that 28 states have adopted health care under the Affordable Care Act for their citizens, it would be a cruel joke on our senior population to jack up the cost of Medicare.  Drop a dime on your U.S. senator and representative.  Let her or him know that you do not support cutbacks in Medicare.

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