A New Ecumenism

robertson patVirginia Beach, Virginia – Pat Robertson and his surprise guest, Ayatolleh Ali Khamenei, announced a new ecumenical movement on today’s 700 Club show.  The philosophy which has been developed in secret talks between Mr. Robertson and Mr. Khamenei will be called Christo-Muslimania.

According to Mr. Robertson, the next U.S. President, Ted Cruz, intends to institute a regime of theocracy, homophobia, gender bias, minority disenfranchisement, elimination of social programs and militarism that is very similar to Mr. khamenei aliKhamenei’s rule.  He says that the United States and Iran will have a lot in common under Mr. Cruz’s administration, so it makes sense to improve relations between the countries’ major religions.

John Payne, in hiding somewhere near Virginia Beach, Virginia

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