In the Detroit area, we have round pizza and we have square pizza.  Round pizza can have thick or thin crust and some pizza chains offer flavored crust – garlic, sesame, buttery cajun, garlic herb, ranch, onion, caramel oyster toffee (kidding about caramel oyster toffee, but not about buttery cajun) – or cheese-stuffed crust.  Square pizza has a thick crust and the edges are browned because it is baked in a flat metal pan with vertical sides.  Reportedly, the square pans are re-purposed parts pans originally found in automobile factories

In the Detroit area, square pizza is called, oddly enough, “square pizza.”  However, I had a pizzapihany last week in Las Vegas.  I learned that “square pizza” is not just square pizza.  It is “Detroit Style.”  My daughter and I stumbled across Northside Nathan’s Detroit Pizza, 9320 West Flamingo Road at South Fort Apache Road.  Talk about serendipity!  We chanced on one of a scant handful of pizza parlors west of the Mississippi serving the kind of pizza we love.

Northside Nathan’s pizza is as good as it gets; right up there with Buddy’s, Loui’s and Shield’s, the pioneers of square pizza.  Forget Mix in Las Vegas, Rao’s and B&B Ristorante.  For one of the best meals in Las Vegas, and a taste of real Detroit, head to Northside Nathan’s.  For less than $25.00, you can feed a quartet of voracious pizza hounds or a couple dozen fashion models and take home leftovers.  Tell them John from Dearborn sent you.


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