Bombing Syria Because Syria Is Bombing Syria

It looks as if the United States will not be bombing Syria, after all.  We may partner with the Russians to inspect Syrian munitions facilities to determine whether they are producing chemical weapons.  That is like the National Institutes of Health partnering with Altria (yes, that Altria, the one that makes cigarettes) to inspect high school bathrooms to make sure that students and teachers are not smoking there.

Could this affair get more weird?  Sarah Palin (yes, that Sarah Palin, the one who thinks North Korea is our ally) is quoted on the Liberal website as saying, “So we’re bombing Syria because Syria is bombing Syria?  And I’m the idiot?”  For her to say something that intelligent and for the liberal media to report it rocks my world!

In two recent posts I criticized the President for making a silly promise about chemical weapons crossing a “red line” and asking Congress to join in the silliness.  The criticism was aimed at the artificial proscription against chemical weapons.  Bombs are bombs, whether they are incendiary, fragmentation, kinetic, chemical, or a hybrid of two or more destructive instrumentalities.  It is asinine to prohibit one way of killing and maiming humans, but not others.  The United States, in cooperation with the United Nations, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or a legitimate coalition of affected countries, should take action to quell the violence in Syria.  Bomb strikes in Syria would serve no legitimate purpose without “boots on the ground” to put a stop to the killing.

The United Nations had the right idea in Rwanda and Bosnia, but failed to adequately enforce peace. In 1994, the U.N. Assistance Mission for Rwanda was in place, but the U.N. high command did not authorize the use of force to stop the massacres.  There were 400 Dutch peacekeepers to protect Srebrenica in 1995.  When the Army of Republika Srpska showed up, the Dutch dropped their weapons and permitted the Serbs to massacre 8,000 muslim men.

Violent warlords and their militias, not to mention genocidal tyrants, should be taught that shooting at someone in a blue helmet will be severely and immediately punished.  If the Dutch peacekeepers had stood up to the Serbs, a great deal of bloodshed might have been averted.  There might have been Dutch blood spilled, but there is no way of knowing that.  However, an attack on the U.N. forces should have triggered an overwhelming response.  A few incidents where interference with U.N. peacekeeping efforts result in a strong military reaction and prosecution for war crimes will instill a deep and abiding respect for forces wearing blue helmets.  When they show up, the guns will fall silent and the machetes will stop maiming.

The U.N. is the proper agency to stop genocidal tyrants.  Instead of the United States wasting billions giving arms to despots, our money and that of our sister nations should go into massive buildup and training of U.N. peacekeeping forces.


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