Congress to Endorse Presidential Mistake

Having created a silly proscription against the use of chemical weapons, President Obama now intends to get Congress involved.  This is like W.C. Fields deciding to go to the Yukon to milk elk (See “The Fatal Glass of Beer,” 1933) and asking The Three Stooges be partners in the endeavor.  Group participation does not make a dumb stunt into an act of genius; nor does sharing turn fault into virtue.

Sadly, there enough conservative hawks and heedless Obama supporters in Congress that the President is likely to get support for an attack on Syria.  A missile strike on Bashar al-Assad’s forces will not be decisive in any postitive sense, so it will not generate any good will in the region.  On the other hand, it will irritate Russia and Iran and help Hezbollah and al Qaeda recruit jihadists.  Instead of seeking congressional endorsement, the Obama Administration should be working through the United Nations.


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