More Corporate Records Chicanery

Corporate Records Service puts the chic in chicanery; as in collecting a fee for doing nothing is all the rage.  In addition to the annual corporate report artifice discussed here on August 3, 2013, Corporate Records Service is sending out a corporate minutes flim-flam.  The Dearborn Police NIXLE Alert calls this a scam, but actually it is not that.  There is no scam.

Corporate Records Service is offering to provide a service for a fee.  They do not mention that the service is worthless, but does 5-Hour Energy tell their marks that a 15-cent NoDoz tablet is as good as their $3.00 vile vial?  See Suck a Vile Vial.

Scam, or not, a small business would be wasting its money if it paid Corporate Records Service $125 to write up some minutes and do nothing with them.


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