The Assisted Living Catastrophe

The PBS Frontline special, “Life and Death in Assisted Living,” is a horrendous exposé of the assisted living industry.  While some assisted living facilities do a good job of taking care of residents, there are others — particularly the big corporate chains that would have the means to do the job right — that treat residents like inventory.  Their total commitment to profit results in pervasive injury and death due to neglect.  Watch this video if you are considering assisted living for yourself or any family member.

This video documents injuries due to neglect and lack of supervision that include broken bones, decubitus ulcers (pressure sores), disappearances and deaths of assisted-living residents.  Assisted-living facilities badly need regulation to require sufficient well-trained staff to care for a frail and vulnerable resident population.


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  • Michelle Baumeister

    Amen, John. I check all the local nursing homes for their Medicare ratings because I’ve found that if a home has a higher than average bed sore rate, I’ve had a client in there with a bed sore. If I find a home with a higher than average whatever, my experience has matched it. There is no such rating for assisting living homes.


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