Pillsbury’s Killer Crescents

I have to admit it: Pillsbury Crescent products, which come in Big and Buttery, Big and Flaky, Butter Flake, Crescent Rounds Original, Garlic Butter, Original Crescent Rolls, Recipe Creations Crescent Seamless Dough Sheet, and Reduced Fat varieties, are delicious and can be used to make some awesome hors d’oeuvres and side dishes.  However, they are the nutritional equivalent of shortening on Ritz crackers.  A crescent roll pig in a blanket–a hot dog wrapped in crescent dough, featured on the website–is as delicious in its way as eggs Benedict or oysters Rockefeller, although it makes a BK Whopper look like health food.  A havarti cheese turnover made with crescent dough is so toothsome it can make a grown man cry.  Why does Pillsbury have to make its crescent products deadly as well as fattening?

Assuming that you are willing to kick over any pretense at healthy eating and go for these comfort-food poster children, be careful that you do not have a food dye allergy and do not serve them to children or anyone with a food dye allergy.  They contain Yellow 5, tartrazine, and Red 40, both of which are problematic.  Tartrazine provokes an allergic reaction in many people and Red 40 is implicated in behavior problems among children.  Tartrazine, in particular, is dangerous.  An allergic reaction to tartrazine can cause the tongue and throat to swell, potentially cutting off breathing.  It is a pity that Pillsbury plants the nutritional equivalent of a land mine in its crescent products–they are totally unnecessary.

Pillsbury Crescent products are sold in opaque tubes and the product is intended to be baked, which turns the exposed surfaces brown, anyway.  Who in Hell would care about the color of the unbaked dough?  Call General Mills at 800-775-4777 and tell them to stop putting dangerous, as well as unnecessary, food dyes in their products.


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