Richard the Great

A colleague made a snarky remark about “Tricky Dicky.”  I responded that Richard Nixon was our greatest president since Eisenhower – apart from Barack Obama, since he has not yet proven himself either great or ungreat.  My colleague accused me of sarcasm.

I was not being sarcastic.  When Nixon was in office, I hated him, but he did a lot of really important good things – opening up relations with China, Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid, shutting down the Viet Nam conflict that he inherited from Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson, destroying our foolish naivety, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and the Clean Air Act, to mention a few accomplishments of the Nixon Administration.

Even in 1974 I thought that it was unfair to impeach Nixon, despite that I hated him.  The U.S. electorate voted him into office knowing that he and his cronies were behind the Watergate break-in and other illegal activity.  Anyone who claimed otherwise was incredibly ignorant or deliberately mendacious.  Having elected a cunning and duplicitous politician, how could they turn on him for being cunning and duplicitous?  The U.S. electorate lacked integrity, at least as much as President Nixon did.


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