Obamacare Individual Mandate Tax Compliance Form Hoax

A client told me today that his wife received an “Obamacare Individual Mandate Tax Compliance Form” that the IRS is now requiring. I told him that I found that hard to believe and asked him to fax it to me.

When I received the form pictured here, obamacare hoax I found that it was a hoax perpetrated by anti-health-care activists to incite opposition to the Affordable Care Act. If you look carefully at the bottom of the first page and the upper right corner of the second page, it states that this is not a real IRS form.

The perpetrators of this scam clearly find the facts insufficiently persuasive in supporting their position. Since the facts of the Affordable Care Act do not support repeal, they find it necessary to resort to mendacious stunts intended to fool the unsuspecting.


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