Level Playing Field

Pete Hoekstra is on WDET’s Craig Fahle show this morning. The candidate was talking about a “level playing field” in energy policy, criticizing renewable energy subsidies. How about leveling the playing field by eliminating subsidies to Big Petroleum, Big Coal and Big Agriculture? If you want to level the playing field, eliminate all the subsidies.

Make the oil and mining companies clean up after themselves. Fracked gas and oil are only economical if you ignore the damage to the environment. Offshore drilling is a lot more “profitable” when safety and environmental protection corners are cut.

Coal producers are terrible corporate citizens, polluting rivers, lakes and water tables, blowing up whole mountains, and causing whole towns in Appalachia to sink into the ground. They also subject their employees to horrendous working conditions. “Clean coal” is a pipe dream. Allowing coal miners to ruin the environment is an egregious subsidy that must be ended.

Commercial cattle and hog farms are able to sell beef and pork at low prices and rake in profits only because they are allowed to pollute whole regions of land and lakes of water. Cargill and ADM achieve phenomenal grain yields because they pollute phenomenally with massive fertilizer and pesticide programs and kill off family farms; yet we continue to give them corporate welfare.

If you want to level the playing field, Pete, then really level it. Do not level the playing field for one team, but make the other team play up hill.


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