Schuette Loses Estate Recovery Cases

I recently posted about my one-and-one record in estate recovery cases. Singin’ the One and One Blues I am saluting two fellow litigators who went to the mat against Bill Sweaty and won by posting the decisions on my website. The Wayne County decision by Hon. Freddie G. Burton, Jr., which is an example of excellent jurisprudence, reflects the sterling advocacy of Kevin Gilhool. Wayne County Decision Like me, Kevin has offices in two states — Michigan and Florida — and I am sure he does an excellent job for his clients in both.

Doug Chalgian, a pillar of the bar in both elder law and probate — or maybe a pillar of elder law and a post of probate — received the other decision in Clinton County. That decision, by Hon. Lisa Sullivan, was also an example of outstanding legal scholarship. Clinton County Decision

If the links above do not work, the decisions can be found at Congratulations to Doug and Kevin. Good work, chaps.


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