On Furlough from the Nursing Home

Nursing home residents and rehabilitation patients are not imprisoned. They have the right to come and go, with proper safeguards. With Memorial Day and the Fourth of July coming up, families should make plans to take their elderly and disabled family members to holiday get-togethers. Often, it only takes enough forethought to make sure someone drives a big enough vehicle to accommodate a wheelchair or other assistive equipment.

Who wants to be stuck in a nursing home when the family is at the beach scarfing down Ballpark wienies? If your family does not have someone in a nursing home, go pick up an honorary great-grandparent to take to the family picnic. The person will be thrilled and you can tell your siblings that you just found out you all were adopted and this is your real grandparent.

Many nursing home residents are spending down to get on Medicaid. Use some of that money to hire a medi-van or ambulance, if necessary. Paying for such services is permissible under Medicaid rules.

The Center for Medicare Advocacy has an excellent article by Toby Edelman that explains the nursing home resident’s right to leave temporarily. It is called “Home for the Holidays: Leaving the Nursing Home During a Medicare-Covered Stay.” Please read it and consider taking your family member out of the nursing home for family outings.


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