When and Who on Desperate Housewives Jumped the Shark?

The season finale of Desperate Housewives was a bigger bomb than Newt Gingrich’s and Rick Sanctorum’s campaigns, combined. The honey and syrup made my teeth ache and the way all the loose ends were tied up with pretty bows became boring half way through the first hour. The only question left to be answered is, “Which of the housewives jumped the shark, and when?”

Your comments and analysis are humbly requested. A jump-the-shark moment cannot come in the final episodes, so Gabrielle Solis finding her vocation as a personal shopper or Karen McClusky taking the rap for the murder would not count as jumping the shark. Mike Delfino’s murder would not count because it was not the action of a major character.

This is a question of vital importance to western civilization. Think back over the series. There is no doubt that the last few seasons lacked the sardonic wit and satiric irreverence of the seasons preceding the five-year hiatus in the plot. At what point did the show start its decline and what stunt did the writers insert into the story to try to recapture the show’s originality. The prize for best suggestion is to be a guest blogger on Off the Top o’ My Head.


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  • I’m surprised you were still watching it. I gave up two years ago when I realized I knew what was going to happen next — again and again. Nevertheless, even not knowing what has been going on for the last two years, I look forward to reading the responses you get.


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