Inflatables on Car Dealerships

Driving in to the office this morning, I passed a car dealership with a huge inflated angel on its roof. Seeing that I had to ask myself, “Whatever possessed the car dealer to put an angel on its roof?” An angel would make me think of death. The last thing I would want to think about when buying a car is death. I would be scared away.

Although an angel would discourage me from buying a car, seeing a huge inflated dinosaur always gives me powerful urge to buy a car immediately. It’s the dinosaur-petroleum connection. Inflated leprechauns, bunnies, raccoons, spiders, turkeys, and reindeer do not compel me to buy a car the way dinosaurs do. However, maybe others have a different preference.

In the interest of scientific inquiry, please answer the following question: “What giant inflated thing on a car dealer’s roof would most compel you to buy a car?”[polldaddy poll=5694322]


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