Debtor and Attorney Burned in Asset Protection Scheme

This blog recently touched on the problems presented by asset protection promoters. Jay Adkisson describes a case where an attempt to move assets into offshore trusts blew up in the debtor’s face. Debtor and Attorney Burned. The debtor’s attorney was also burned.

The indictment breeze is blowing for Peter G. Rogan and his attorney, Frederick M. Cuppy, in the Windy City. Chicago-area U.S. Attorney, Patrick Fitzgerald–yes, the pit bull in sharkskin who persecuted the Clinton administration–lambasted Rogan and Cuppy in a 29-page indictment which can be found here.

Fitzgerald seems to have turned his attention to some actual malefactors, for a change. Rogan allegedly tried to duck a $55 million-plus Medicare fraud judgment by siphoning cash into offshore trusts for his children. Cuppy is accused of being his eager accomplice. It seems likely that both will spend substantial periods of time in federal prison.


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