Not Taxed Enough

Standard & Poor’s downgrade of the United State’s credit rating, if not the economy in general, should clue in TEA Partiers and disciples of Grover Norquist that the deficit cannot be brought down through spending cuts alone. The government needs more revenue and more economic stimulus through government spending. However, it is time to stop whining about all the taxes we pay and start bragging about our investment in our country.

Congress has to forget about extending the Bush-Era tax cuts for the wealthy and consider the additional revenue an infrastructure investment. Those funds can be directed at improving the nation’s roads, railroads and airports, energy and communication systems, water and resource conservation programs, and border security.

How often do you hear the wealthy mewl about high taxes, anyway? Never! It’s the TEA Partiers and conservative elected officials doing the kvetching. They are generally lower-middle- to middle-class schmucks like the rest of us. They just think that they will get more butter on their toast from the rich if they oppose taxing them. The Fox News Gang are just reading out of Rupert Murdoch’s right-wing script.

Smart homeowners know that they cannot keep putting off repairs. It is common for homeowners to keep putting off upgrades and improvement. A couple who raised their family in a home they bought in the ’60s may have 30-year old avocado appliances, gold-colored shag carpet and an analog-digital converter so they would not have to replace their 13-inch Zenith TV. That’s fine if they feel more comfortable surrounded by outdated furnishings. However, they need to take action if the roof is leaking or termites are making lunch out of their studs and joists. We are beyond fashion considerations in our infrastructure.

We have bridges that are on the verge of collapse and civic buildings that are unsafe due to asbestos and formaldehyde. Our power grid is outdated and dangerous and lack of inspection of cargo and cargo vessels leaves us vulnerable to terrorist attacks, inadvertent importation of invasive species and food-born illnesses.

We have dire needs that could be addressed by a Congress that is not afraid to ask us to pay for what we need. They do not even have to call it a tax increase. Call it an investment in our nation’s future.


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