Terry and the Mullahs

Terry Jones, the self-styled “evangelical pastor” of Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, provoked the deaths of 21 innocent United Nations personnel in Afghanistan by burning a copy of the Q’ran in Florida. My first thought was that he had again proven himself a world-class fool. His plan to burn 200 copies of the Muslim holy book on September 11, 2010 had provoked protests that killed at least four Afghans and others in Kashmir, Indonesia, and other countries. He should know that burning a Q’ran would result in more deaths. However, he is far from a fool. He is an evil genius who figured out how to become a serial killer without breaking any law!

The foolish ones are the Muslim leaders who allow themselves to be played by the likes of Terry Jones. Mullah Mohammed Shah Adeli, one of the mullahs in Mazar-i-Sharif who incited the riots, said “Burning the Koran is an insult to Islam, and those who committed it should be punished,” he said. This bright boy provoked his followers to kill 12 innocent Westerners, presumably on the principle that it is better to kill whoever is handy than to let an offense go unpunished.

It is hard to believe that the Q’ran contains no equivalent to one of the oldest legal principles known to the human race: “Let the punishment fit the crime.” Does the Q’ran actually supply a rationale for killing people who are not even from the United States in retaliation for an American fruitcake’s act of burning a copy of it? If there were any appropriate reaction to Terry Jones’s lame act, it would be to burn a bunch of Bibles. Similarly, instead of rioting and killing people in response to a Danish cartoonist’s offensive depiction of Mohammed, why did Muslims not respond with cartoons of Jesus approving violence committed by Christians? That would be more fitting.

Religion is, by definition, irrational, but killing Napalis and Europeans in Afghanistan over something done in the United States by a citizen of that country is wrongheaded by any measure. There is no defending Terry Jones. He is a deluded megalomaniac who should be on medication. Despite the culpability of Jones, the mullahs who sent their followers out into the street to kill and injure men and women who were in their country to help it to recover from decades of war are guilty of greater evil. A huge majority of Christian leaders are condemning Terry Jones’s acts. It is disappointing that Muslims in the United States are not more vocal in protesting the inhuman acts of their Afghan co-religionists.


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  • This Earthly plane is an arena for testing souls. Unfortunately, it seems that extreme attachments to religions tends to foster extreme behavior in other areas. In the bigger picture, perhaps that is why religions are pervasive in human cultures; opportunities to make choices when encouraged by radicals (in the name of God) abound. We can’t do more than comment (accurately, in John’s case) on the foolishness of the choices made.

    Wish I could figure out a way to get John’s comments on a respected Muslim website; and on all the Christian ones (to consider before making choices when “leaders” in the name of religion whip of a froth of hate and encourage others to follow or to react to it).

  • Perhaps you John are the unwitting fruit cake. You are doing their bidding. Let’s suppose I arbitrarily draw a line. Then I warn you not to cross it. When you do I punch you. I defend my actions “But your honor you must understand I clearly warned him not to cross the line and I painted the line red. He knew were the line was.” I have QUESTION for you. If some group demanded that the flag is lowered to half mast during the month of Ramadan as a sign of respect. Would that be acceptable to you or you like. What if riots were threatened for non compliance?

    • I do not understand whose “bidding” you think I am responding to. I think Terry Jones and the mullahs are all dipsticks. It should be clear from my post that I do not think that mullahs in Afghanistan have any right to control what we do in the United States. However, that does not mean they will not react to perceived insults. When a person acts in a certain way with the clear knowledge that the result will be the deaths of innocent people, I consider him or her culpable for the deaths. There was no good reason for Terry Jones to act as he did. He was just being an ass and caused the deaths of more than 30 people. There is no defense for that kind of irresponsible misdeed.

    • John is no fruit cake (and I don’t care if anyone thinks I am). I’m not sure what bidding you think our comments on the extremism on both sides we are responding to. Perhaps if we knew where you stand on the recent events, we could comment.

      As for your direct question, would it be acceptable to me if a group demanded that the flag be lowered to half mast during the month of Ramadan, I wouldn’t care whether it was or was not lowered. On the other hand, if riots occured (either because it WAS lowered or because it was not), I’d expect the police to protect the innocent and try to bring peace back to the public.

      I have a jaudice view of religion, in general. I am aware that people get riled up in the name of “their” god, and so they often act out in ways that I find offensive and down-right nutty. There is no doubt in my mind that I cannot do anything about that. All I can do is behave according to my own standards (which is based on deeply believed faith about our purpose here).


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