Honk If You Hate Gates!

Money was one of the few good things that Microsoft had going. It was easy to use and the interface with online banking was relatively seamless and reliable. It was irritating that it needed to be upgraded every two years and forced me to upgrade my operating system at least once, but it made it easy to pay bills and the checkbook was always up to date.

Since Microsoft pulled the plug on Money online banking on September 8, 2010, I have been in financial free-fall. I have to write paper checks or do my payments one at a time on the bank website. It is a nightmare with no end in sight.

Microsoft warned in Spring 2010 that it was no longer supporting money and would terminate online services on September 8, 2010. However, then the date was pushed back to October 1, 2010, or January 31, 2011 for Money users with established banking relationships. I should have had Money online banking until January 31, but it stopped working on September 8. As a dirty trick, this is less pernicious than Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, but certainly as vicious as anything Karl Rove pulled during the Bush years.

This is an example of a company that has no respect for its customers. Microsoft is so big that it thinks it is immune to market pressures and public perception. It is right for now, but this kind of disrespect for customers will take its toll.

I am looking for a class-action suit over Microsoft’s abuse of Money customers. If there is a class-action attorney out there looking for plaintiffs, I am ready to sign. In the meanwhile, honk if you hate Gates.


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  • Hated when I had to give up my 8-tracks, rotary phones, vinyl records, tape records, and “regular” cameras. But I love this new world. And Gates is my hero in so many other ways. Sorry about your loss, John.


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