Afford It? We Must!

It is incredible that TEA Partiers and others against universal health care for Americans should claim that we cannot “afford” it. No responsible individual or family would fail to purchase health insurance unless so financially pressed that it came down to a choice between paying for health insurance and paying rent. Health care, like food and shelter, is a necessity for individuals and families and should be a necessity for the government. Everyone needs access to medical care–particularly children. The government cannot budget for defense and transportation and education and other government responsibilities and then say, “Whoops; no money for health care!” President Obama has finally accomplished meaningful health care reform and should be praised, not insulted.

Neo-Cons derogatorily refer to the health care reform act as “Obamacare.” If I were the President I would be proud to have my name associated with the most significant improvement in the nation’s health care system since Medicaid was enacted in 1965. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 is not perfect, but calls to repeal it are the bleatings of vicious negativists. We cannot call ourselves a civilized society while more than a third of our citizens lack access to health care.

I was talking to a client a couple of years ago. I told him that we need a program of universal health care. He said, “No, that’s socialized medicine. That would be awful.”

“Gary,” I told him, “You are 42 years old, out of work and living with your parents. You have no health insurance. How much worse would socialized medicine be for you?”

Too many people like Gary are swayed by neo-Con and TEA Party rhetoric. We cannot ignore the needs of the uninsured any longer. The health care reform act is a step in the right direction. Neo-Cons and TEA Partiers who say they have a better plan are lying. They just want to leave the uninsured as they are. They have insurance and they have no concern for anyone else’s needs. The United States can afford to ensure that everyone has an affordable health plan. Anything less is uncivilized and ultimately more costly because ailments and injuries that are not treated become more serious and expensive to treat. Without insurance, patients end up visiting the emergency room, the least cost-effective venue to seek medical attention.


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  • Here is why we can’t afford it. Who is actually paying the bill? The government? No the taxpayers a.k.a. the citizens. Either the gov. takes it outright. Or borrows it from someone and then collects it from us.So as someone who is paying for this, I say you’re right, hell no I don’t want to pay for someone else’s health care. Just as I don’t want to pay for their kids’, food, housing, etc…

    • If you pay taxes, you are already paying for other people’s health care. If Morton goes to the emergency room with a serious illness or injury, Morton gets treated. Even if Morton has no money or health insurance, he gets treated. It is time to require all the Mortons of the country to get freaking insured! That way everyone is in the same boat and pays his or her fair share.


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