Annuity Clues

You should be suspicious of the person who wants to sell you an annuity and:

☹ The annuity has surrender charges for longer than six years.

☹ You are likely to need principal back from the annuity while surrender charges will apply.

☹ You are being told that it will help you protect assets under Medicaid or Medi-Cal nursing home rules.

☹ The salesperson will not tell you how much he or she will earn from selling you the annuity.

☹ The salesperson will earn a commission greater than four percent.

☹ The annuity will be purchased and held within an IRA or other tax-deferred account.

☹ The annuity will be purchased with money that you withdraw from an IRA or other tax-deferred account.

☹ You do not need to pay income taxes (with or without the annuity).

☹ You are being asked to convert a high percentage of your assets into deferred annuities.

☹ The annuity is a variable annuity, and you are unable to leave the principal untouched for 15 or more years.

☹ There is no waiver of surrender charges for nursing home residents.

Call us if you have any concerns about annuities you have purchased or are being offered.


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