We Can’t Wait Until We Can Afford It

It looks as if health care reform is going to cost $1.6 trillion over the next ten years. If that is not enough to scare the pants off you, think about all of the government programs that run hugely over budget. However, this cost does not mean we should not implement a public health care plan that ensures that everyone–that is, everyone, EVERYONE, not just most people–has an adequate health care plan. This is something we need to do, as much as we needed to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. When something must be done, you start doing it.

How many families would get started if women waited until they could afford to raise children to get pregnant? Nobody, except the very rich, can afford to have children. Parents do not wait until they can afford children; they have children and stretch their means to raise them.

This is what the United States must do, now. We must implement a universal health care system and then go about finding the means to support it.


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